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We wish to work with both the private and public sector to give the people of Ontario and visitors a unique entertainment experience.


Our proposed use of a location within the Toronto Downtown core, requires the approval and support of the Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Governments. Our hope is that green technology exhibits; educational programs, and entertainment experience will serve the needs of visiting tourists, the local and the needs of the automotive industry..


The OAM, through the support of the private sector, is looking for sponsors that will help in the realization of this unique facility.


There are 10 areas of the OAM that are available for naming rights. For a full list of opportunities please download our partnership deck.


We invite all interested parties in contacting us in the support of the OAM.




The OAM would like to thank the following sponsors. Their support have made events such as our auto show at Toronto City Hall.









We would also like to thank all those who participated in the event and recognize Robert Ayotte who won Best of Show. To see images from the show visit


OAM Project Overview

Partnership Opportunities

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