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The founders and developers of the Ontario Auto Museum (OAM) are creating a destination attraction for both motor-car enthusiasts and the general public for generations to come.


Through an entertaining and educational experience, visitors will be introduced to the history and impact of the automobile; as well as the future impact of green technology and other automotive innovations.









The OAM will create an automotive experience that will draw visitors locally, nationally and internationally. As a world-class entertainment destination, we wish to provide visitors with access to exclusive collections and educational exhibits that demonstrate the history of the automobile in Canada, our leadership in green technology and the innovations Canadians have brought to the industry.


The OAM will present seasonal exhibits, showcase Canadian Collectors, and present annually a history of auto racing during events such as the INDY, the Toronto International Car Show and others. As a year-round destination, the OAM will combine both static and revolving exhibits to complement seasonal and commemorative events such as a display of wartime vehicles during Remembrance Day.


The OAM will create an environment for all ages through the use of static and interactive displays for visitors via Mobile devices. Visitors are guided on his or her audio video tour; live as they experience the reality of the worlds first truly interactive museum experience. 


The OAM will also utilize video and arcade gaming experience to appeal to all ages.


The inclusion of a gift shop will enable visitors to access books, films, posters, racing and automotive memorabilia as well as branded OAM premiums, including hats, T-shirts and other selected items.


Funding will come from the private sector enabling the OAM to be a self-sustaining exhibit.


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