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We believe that to attract visitors of all ages the OAM needs to do more than having static displays of “cars gathering dust”. The experience must be engaging, entertaining and exciting.





























To ensure a unique experience, we will deliver enhanced information directly into the hands of visitors. Every visitor will be invited to take an augmented tour. With the rental of an iPad, participants will have access to historical content and augmented reality overlays. Using the tablet, they will be able to learn more, capture images, sync to their social media platforms and share in real time.


This interactive approach will also provide the OAM with important data on where visitors go, what they share and what technologies interest them.


Every wing will also provide opportunities to interact with physical objects. Our primary goal is to make history come alive.


The integration of digital media throughout the museum will include permission protocols to provide sponsors with direct access to every visitor.
































There will be multiple areas within the OAM, as well as branded exhibits and events that sponsors can attach their name too. Each of the 10 wings, arcade and cafeteria will be available for naming rights. The OAM will reach out to industry leaders such as Ford, FCA Canada, GM, Toyota, Honda, Ferrari, Jaguar and others for support and participation.


The OAM will also approach gaming platform creators such as (X-BOX, Play Station) Game developers, (Disney Cars, OCA Race Driver 3, Ridge Racer Unbounded, Real racing 3) and arcade gaming systems. There will also opportunities for premiums from NASCAR, F-1, CART, Pennzoil, Goodyear and more.


We will also partner with other exhibits within the city such as the ROM, Ontario Place, the CN tower and the Ripley's Aquarium to offer bundled entertainment packages. This approach will offer visitors to Toronto real value as they get to experience multiple exhibits throughout the city, promoting culture and the diversity of the city core.


The OAM will partner with the film industry in supporting new film releases. A collection of classic Batmobiles could be showcased in support the release of the next Marvel film.


The OAM has identify specific areas in which sponsors can attach their brand through both naming and environmental graphics. There are a number of wings within the OAM that are available to corporations and private donors.



The glass entryway and Lobby entry will lead to reception, gift shop, and arcade.

On the walls of the grand entrance will be branded hubcaps of all major donors in recognition of their support.


UNION WING                                                                This wing will highlight the history of the automotive worker, the assembly line and the evolution of the modern union. Visitors will experience how the automotive industry helped shape modern employment law and workplace safety.


CLASSIC CAR WING                                                

This wing will showcase the historical evolution of the automobile. From the Ford Model-A and Model-T to the Edsil. This wing will highlight the development of the internal combustion engine, the assembly line and more.


RACING WING                                                         

This wing will highlight various exhibits from sports cars, drag racers, funny cars, NASCAR and formula 1 to Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche collections.


LUXURY CAR WING                                                

Rolls Royce, Bentley, Duisenberg, The Luxury Car wing will showcase the best that the automotive industry has to offer.


EMERGENCY AND EMS WING                               

From fire trucks, and ambulances to EMS and police cars. This wing will document the evolution of public service vehicles.


GRAND SHOWROOM                                              

All major rotation exhibits will take place in the Grand Show Room. This room will be the highlight of every visitor.


INNOVATION WING                                 

From seat belts and airbags to electric vehicles and automated driving systems. This wing will highlight the advancements and technical innovation that will drive the vehicles of the future. Concept cars, solar cars, green technology, and new product lines including smart cars, and mass transit options.


RESTORATION WING                                

This wing gives visitors a look behind the scenes look at the skill and technical expertise in the repair and restoration of classic automobiles. This wing will offer grants and apprenticeships to students through the OAM foundation.

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