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When determining possible locations for the OAM, access to transit, proximity to other popular entertainment venues and high volume tourist traffic are paramount. As part of our search, the OAM has placed a focus on ensuring that it be located within the Toronto downtown core.

One location that meets our criteria is the waterfront. The ongoing redevelopment of Exhibition Place, including recent upgrades to BMO Field and the development of the Hotel X, is helping to re-energize the area. With 5.4 million annual visitors to Exhibition Place and host to several seasonal events, makes locating the OAM along the waterfront ideal.

The waterfront is home to several events: marathons, Caribana, the CNE and the Honda Indy. The OAM would complement many of these events, attracting more local and international participants and viewers to the area.

The OAM's recent proposal to build a new structure at Ontario Place as part of the West Island re-development was a direct effort to take advantage of the areas potential. This stand-alone structure would serve as the permanent home for the OAM.



The OAM is also looking at other potential sites within the GTA. Exhibition Place has the 200,000 square foot Better Living Centre which is host to various events throughout the year. This facility, while not full utilized year-round, would be idea for a temporary or short-term exhibition, based on availability and the approval of the Exhibition Place Board of Directors and the CNE.

The OAM will continue to reach out to the City of Toronto to identify locations that fit the needs of the OAM and the City of Toronto.


















Original Better Living Centre
Revised Better Living Centre
OAM Island-4 L-A
OAM Island V2-2
OAM Island-4L_D
OAM Island-4-L1
OAM Island-4D-1
OAM Island-4L-C
OAM Island-4L-B
OAM Island-4C-D3
OAM Island-4L-B
OAM floor plan-1
OAM floor plan2
OAM floor plan-3



The Ontario Place Redevelopment mandate is to create a new iconic core area that could provide places and spaces for future ideas, with a focus on culture, innovation, learning, and research.


The OAM would service the community and create a year-round destination and focus on creating a learning and entertainment experience that addresses the 4 key objectives of the Ontario Place redevelopment.



The OAM will demonstrate how the love of the automobile has shaped our culture. Through historic and technical innovation the OAM will share with visitors how the automobile has helped shape the growth and expansion of Ontario and how Ontario is shaping the future of automotive technology.



The OAM will have one pavilion dedicated to environmental and green technologies. The OAM will highlight the advancements in electronic and solar cell technology and how advancements in automotive technology are helping protect the environment. Visitors will be educated on how Ontario has and is continuing to invest in the advancement of automotive technology. Additional focus will be placed on future automotive infrastructure and future investment in mass transit solutions.



The OAM will explore the opportunities of learning through sight, sound and touch. A combination of visual, interactive and virtual activities will help visitors explore and learn about the history and future of the automobile. The facility will engage and educate visitors of all ages through entertainment, interactive displays and play.



The OAM will highlight the future of automotive technology and the work in creating green transportation. The OAM would present the use of electric, hydrogen, and GPS advanced driver-less technology and the use of recycled materials in the creation of the next generation of automobiles. Innovations in mass transit and reticulated vehicles would also be presented as the future of automotive transportation is explored.


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